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  1. Strolling down memory lane in Hell’s Kitchen

    I grew up next door to Hell’s Kitchen and have been meaning to walk through to take pics of the older store front signs that are still standing. NYC is becoming a City that is losing its character with these new glass sky scrappers that are blocking the sky. So,…

  2. Wandering the Village in NYC

    I spent a lot of time going to St. Marks Place as a teen/young adult. I pierced my tongue at a place called Religious Sex and now that I think about how that took place, I have to question what the hell I was thinking when I got that done.…

  3. Just another night in NYC (the snowstorm stood me up)

    I am a late fall child and I remember when snow would fall in NYC more often than it does now. My memories are filled with playing in it and whenever it snows now, I still get excited like that little kid. It was supposed to snow this weekend and…

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