New York Transit Museum

I was born and raised in NYC and the trains are a way of life living here. I love trains and have somehow never visited the Transit Museum before. Despite all of the issues that MTA is facing (if you’re not living in NYC, trust me this is the worst service imaginable now), I am still quite fond of the trains here. I won’t go into why it’s so bad on this post because this is about the museum. I am working on something about the state of MTA and will share in the near future. For now, enjoy the nostalgia that is found at this place. If you love trains, or just want to get a glimpse into some of the history of transit in NYC, visit the Transit Museum in Brooklyn. 

New Edition and Babyface at Barclays Center

In July of 2016 I went as a fan to see one of my favorite groups New Edition. With my ultra mega zoom point and shoot camera in tow, I went to Barclays Center in Brooklyn to sing and dance with my best friend. Babyface was a nice addition to the bill as he sang hits that were from his albums and songs that were hits for so many other artists (Bobby Brown, Usher, Whitney Houston, TLC and more). It was like we had two concerts for the price of one. 

We were there for New Edition and they did not disappoint. Matching suits, choreographed dancing and they still sounded great for a fun filled evening at Barclays Center. Only five members were performing but we got some Bobby Brown songs earlier from Babyface when he was singing the hits he wrote for other artists. Ricky Bell, Mike Bivens, Ronnie Devoe (BBD), Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill each sang hits from their solo careers as well. Yes, Babyface and Ralph T decided to open their shirts but only Babyface was running around the pit, giving the fans high fives as he ran by.

This is probably the last time I will be using my ultra mega point and shoot camera. It’s served me well the past 8 years but it was struggling to capture pictures during this concert (the pics are a little fuzzy). It’s time for retirement from concerts and sporting events. 

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