Looking for good music? Just walk around Union Sq.

A constant complaint that I hear often and have been guilty of making as well (in the past), is that there are no good artists out there. If all you do is listen to the radio, then you should expect to hear the same music played all day until you turn it off. This is probably the worst way to be introduced to new artists. If you happen to live in NYC, you can seek out new music by going to the venues (that are still open) that have musicians/singers performing almost every night. 

You can also stumble upon one playing in a train station or on a street corner during a random walk through Union Square. I absolutely love guitars and was watching John Streetz perform for a little while before deciding to snap a picture.  So when I got home, I did a little Google search and found his music and that he won Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater in March of 2017. I highly recommend checking him out online and if you happen to walk past him and his bass player getting down, stick around and enjoy the music. You will not be disappointed. 

There are new artists out there but you have to seek them out. Don’t let the radio dictate who or what you listen to. Support good artists!

Kendrick Lamar - The DAMN. Tour

I had the opportunity to watch Kendrick Lamar open for Kanye West in November of 2013 but passed on it to watch A Tribe Called Quest (my favorite Hip Hop group) perform instead. I’m sure Kendrick gave a great performance during that concert as you could tell from his 1st album that he was going to be a great artist (and he is). I reflected on that thought for a moment while I was watching Kendrick perform at The Prudential Center during The DAMN. Tour. As a fan of his, I’m so glad I was able to make it out to this show in Newark, at that moment in time and not in the past (the wait was well worth it). He is absolutely amazing to watch live, and I truly appreciated everything that he did during this concert.

Hip Hop is very personal to me for many reasons (one day I will write a post about how & why) but I felt like that little kid that used to get mix tapes that my brother brought home from Stereo Palace in Harlem when Kid Capri came out to introduce Kendrick Lamar. I was already hyped to watch this concert but for me it was a nice touch. You could tell that this concert was well planned in its theme of martial arts (thank you for being tasteful about it). From the pyrotechnics, martial artists showing us their beautiful styles, to the woman dancing (she was getting it in), and Kendrick rhyming sideways for a little bit, this was a night that I will always remember. The one thing that stood out to me at this concert was the look on Kendrick’s face as the crowd recited all of HUMBLE., that was an amazing experience to be a part of as a fan, you could see that it was to him as a performer as well. 

I am an event photographer and took as many pictures as I could but wanted to be in the moment as a fan and I eventually put my camera down. I found myself loosening up my crossed arm, head nodding movements, that J.Cole talked about New Yorkers doing, during his concert earlier this month and let myself enjoy being there. I came home sore from dancing around and hoarse from reciting everything throughout the night. I’d definitely purchase tickets to watch him perform again. 

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