Conservatory Garden at Central Park

I can’t believe that I have managed to never enter the Conservatory Gardens behind the Vanderbilt Gate on 106th and 5th Avenue in Central Park. I am a native New Yorker and have recently passed by on my morning commute via the express bus and made a decision to go this weekend.

This is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited in Central Park and I’m saying that in the Winter with no snowfall yet. I’m sure this is an amazing place to visit and explore in warmer weather (especially during Fall). If you have never been here as a New Yorker or a visitor, please do yourself a favor and visit. There are museums (El Museo del Barrio & Museum of The City of New York) across the street if you want some art after nature or a short bus trip downtown to the larger museums as well.

If you are a birder or are thinking about becoming one, this place (actually all of Central Park) has different species of birds. I was greeted by a Mourning Dove, and then some Bluejays (you know a blue jay by that very beautiful but very powerful voice), a pair of Cardinals (I’ve never seen a female one before) and another bird that I have never seen before and couldn’t track because it flew away.

This secret but not so secret place is a must visit place at least once. I shall be back to stare at more birds in the near future.

Rockefeller Center

To me, there is nothing like taking pics on a rainy night in NYC. All of the colors are full of contrast more so than on a regular night. I didn’t expect to see any more holiday lights or shows but was pleasantly surprised last week. I ended up in St. Patrick’s Cathedral to warm up and never noticed how beautiful it is on the inside, it’s absolutely amazing. My final destination was to remind myself to continue being silly and have fun at the new location of FAO Schwartz.

Did you know that the fountain figures in Rockefeller Center are mermaid nereids? Find out more info : Fountain head figures at Rockefeller Center .

Last week, I had a tiny tear in my cornea (thanks to a super dry contact lens that I drowned in eye drops that were still dry when removed) and couldn’t see 100%( all better now). Despite this, I still decided to push forward and wander NYC in the rain. It’s okay to have bad days but it’s up to you to decide how to let it affect you. You can wallow in it (I do it too and there is nothing wrong with that as well) but don’t forget to get up and move forward.

I also can’t resist taking pics in bad weather. I absolutely love to have a camera on me during rain, snow or any kind of storm. ☺️

Coney Island 2019

Some pics from windy Coney Island on 1/1. I missed the polar bears (people) in the water but made the most out of my day on the beach. It really was the perfect weather for those who were new to bathing in the “holy(dirty ass)” waters of Coney for the first time in the winter. 

The first week of the new year is already over folks. Time waits for no one, so go out there and live your life, it’s okay if you do something that isn’t the norm for yourself. Live a little, take a chance, explore.

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