Strolling down memory lane in Hell’s Kitchen

I grew up next door to Hell’s Kitchen and have been meaning to walk through to take pics of the older store front signs that are still standing. NYC is becoming a City that is losing its character with these new glass sky scrappers that are blocking the sky. So, with that in mind, I grabbed my camera and asked my sister to join me to walk down these streets to reminisce about the days(years really) when we were younger enjoying the 9th Avenue festival. Did you know that the festival used to have rides below 42nd St (that’s where the festival ends now)? We also used to run errands with our mom to the fish and meat market almost every weekend. No wonder we like to walk everywhere, we were walking 2 or more miles with her or our dad all of the time. Thanks guys! 

These pics are of the older establishments that have been in this neighborhood for decades (including the school) and no walk down this area wouldn’t be complete without a pic of Port Authority. I wanted to make sure that I have some photo evidence before (hopefully not for a while) they disappear to the ever high rents in Manhattan. 

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