NYC Dance Parade

I stumbled upon this parade while I was on a quest to get to St. Marks to pierce my ears. I was having a moment as I walked across West 8th Street from 6th Avenue because so much has changed, so many stores that I loved were now gone. As I got closer to Broadway, I heard music and saw people standing around and knew that a parade of some sort was happening. It was the Dance Parade.

The Dance Parade helps promote all forms of dance, educate the public about its diversity and to celebrate every year in a parade down Broadway with a Festival. Dance is such an important part of my life and should be supported at all levels. It makes you feel good, builds confidence and is a great way to exercise while having fun. 

I never did pierce my ears that day. I got distracted by the music and the dancing. For a brief moment it reminded me of what the Village used to be full of, diversity and different cultures. 

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