New York Transit Museum After Hours

This is my second time visiting the NY Transit Museum but this time it was after hours for a craft event that I was invited to. I will almost not likely ever pass up an opportunity to look at trains so I went. I went with a friend who has never been so it was nice to show her around and explore without kids running around. They had refreshments (beer, woo hoo), some chips and an option to kind of sip & paint (we got there too late so we couldn’t do that).

We had some time to check out a collection of ads that MTA and other places have run before, things that were commissioned by MTA and really just get a small glimpse of how NYC used to be.

I love trains, I love the history behind them in NYC but like any New Yorker, I wish they were maintained and repaired to run better. If you really think about it, we have an amazing system set up from a century ago that moves so many daily around the city. 

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